ISSSR 2024 Keynote 2

Comprehensive Testing and Evaluation Technology for Safety Demanding Spacecraft


As a typical safety critical system, spacecraft has been designed to consider various factors as much as possible to ensure high reliability, safe and stable operation. As the demand for spacecraft becomes increasingly diverse, design complexity increases, and intelligent autonomous functions become stronger, its comprehensive testing and evaluation technology becomes particularly important. This report explores the comprehensive testing and evaluation techniques for spacecraft from the dimensions of data acquisition methods, data evaluation techniques, and future prospects, providing support for the continuous improvement of reliability and safety testing for complex spacecraft.


Yifan Liu's avatar
Dr. Yifan Liu China

Deputy Director and Chief Designer

Spacecraft Testing Center
China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

Dr. Yifan Liu is the Deputy Director and Chief Designer of the Spacecraft Testing Center of China Academy of Space Technology (CAST). He also received the Outstanding Young Talent award from CAST. Dr. Liu has participated in the development of more than 40 spacecraft. He has also hosted or participated in multiple equipment pre-research projects from the China 11th Five-Year Plan to the 14th Five-Year Plan. Dr. Liu's main research directions include spacecraft system-level testing design and evaluation, model-based testability design, etc. He received the third prize for Technological Progress from CAST. In addition, Dr. Liu participated in writing two monographs and translating one. He has published more than thirty papers and national defense technology reports.